Tunis sheep

We raise moderate framed heritage American Tunis sheep. We are interested in preserving the moderate frame, thrift, and parasite resistance this beautiful breed is know for. We searched far and wide for a good genetic base for our breeding stock and are pleased to be a part of the effort to preserve this wonderful breed.


The Tunis is one of the oldest breeds of sheep having descended from ancient fat-tailed sheep referred to in the Bible. As the name indicates, the Tunis originated in Tunisia on the Northern coast of Africa.

Tunis sheep spread throughout the mid Atlantic and southeastern United States and were well adapted to the heat and humidity of these regions. The Tunis was the mainstay of sheep production in the upper South and mid Atlantic regions until the Civil War, when nearly all Southern stock was destroyed. Credit for saving the breed from extinction at this time is given to Maynard Spigener of South Carolina. During the war he protected the last flock of Tunis by hiding them on his land along the Congoree River near the city of Columbia. After the war the Great Lakes region and New England became strongholds for the breed. It is only recently that the Tunis has again been seen in the Southeast.

The Livestock Conservancy  has Tunis listed in the Watch category of their Conservation Priority List, and although the breed has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years there are certain strains which are not being maintained. These are the more traditional, old-style Tunis which have not been bred specifically for the show ring.


We breed for hardiness, fertility, and foraging ability. We want Tunis that are easy keepers, allowing them to thrive in forage based production systems.


We also breed for quality wool!  We love our Tunis and are proud to join other farmers who are preserving is wonderful breed.