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How to clear a field in 1000 easy steps

One of the first things we did when we moved was put the goats in the most overgrown areas of the farm. Brambles and poison ivy were encroaching on the pasture and in places that I’d planned to garden. So, we spent most of… Continue Reading “How to clear a field in 1000 easy steps”

Toil and trouble

What are the odds that all lambs born on the farm this year would be males? Well, regardless of the mathematical probability, that’s exactly what happened this season. Four ewes gave birth to 4 lambs. It is an auspicious start to the fledgling Tunis… Continue Reading “Toil and trouble”

Following in his footsteps

One of my most fond childhood memories is walking in my grandfather’s bootprints as he worked in his garden. Row after row, he worked tirelessly, silently hoeing the weeds that plagued the red Anson County clay. He allowed me to follow him as long… Continue Reading “Following in his footsteps”