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Perspectives from the garden

I have been gardening in earnest for about 10 years. My early garden attempts largely consisted of a few raised beds and a row or two of corn.  Our previous property was 1/2 acre including the house and buildings.  Despite the limited acreage, I… Continue Reading “Perspectives from the garden”

The Case for Testing

When purchasing meat from the local grocery store, consumers don’t think twice about the health of the animals before they were butchered. Most people think that the USDA and other state and local agencies involved in the meat industry ensure that our food supply… Continue Reading “The Case for Testing”

Small scale sorghum

Coming up in the 80s and 90s in Central NC, there were still a few old timers around who raised and processed sorghum. Before the onset of cold weather and well before hog-killing weather set in, if you were out driving in the countryside you’d… Continue Reading “Small scale sorghum”

Growing for market, growing for self

Even after farmers left the farm after WWII,  farmers made up a fairly substantial part of the labor force. Many urban dwellers were connected to the farm through family. It was common to know a farmer; they were cousins, grandparents, or other relatives, who… Continue Reading “Growing for market, growing for self”

Price List/Product Availability

Prices effective 4/30/2017 Pastured chickens will be available for pickup on June 6th and June 13th. Our chickens have been fed organic or non-GMO feed since hatching. Chickens are priced at $4.50 per pound. If 10+ are purchased, the price is $4.25 per pound.… Continue Reading “Price List/Product Availability”

Feeding pastured poultry–organic feed in Southern Ohio?

The demand for poultry raised humanely and with non-GMO or organic feed is rising. Many folks inquire about our feeding or handing practices, and are rightly concerned about how their food is raised. Recent outbreaks of avian flu (Tennessee, China) continue to fuel concerns… Continue Reading “Feeding pastured poultry–organic feed in Southern Ohio?”

Maple: From tap to jar

Making maple syrup is a major enterprise at THB Farm. Like many agriculture enterprises, making maple syrup depends on the weather. A successful maple season requires cold nights and warm days. This February, the warmest in many years in Southern Ohio, shortened the season… Continue Reading “Maple: From tap to jar”

Big goat, small goat, medium goat: Dwarfs, minis, and standard sized goats

Goats are probably the most spirited animal that we keep here at Tarheelbilly Farm. We maintain a small herd of registered goats, and have experimented with several breeds over the past several years. Currently we have mini-Nubians, a standard Nubian, a Saanen, and Nigerian… Continue Reading “Big goat, small goat, medium goat: Dwarfs, minis, and standard sized goats”

And then there is this

Underneath all of this water is our hay field/pasture. The creek that runs along the front of our property. Seasonal flooding is a real obstacle to maintaining consistent pasture for year round grazing…

Soil health, or will anything grow here?

I read a lot. I majored in Russian literature in college, a fact that has had zero to do with the various occupations that I’ve had as an adult, but it did prepare me to read and retain lots of details. Though I still… Continue Reading “Soil health, or will anything grow here?”