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The challenges of shopping locally in the age of E.Coli eggs and scary lettuce

The recent E.Coli outbreak effecting eggs, lettuce, and ground beef highlight how important it is to shop locally and to know where the food on your plate comes from. The truth is, it’s not always easy to secure all of the food your family… Continue Reading “The challenges of shopping locally in the age of E.Coli eggs and scary lettuce”

Spring has arrived on the farm

  After a seemingly endless winter, spring has finally arrived on the farm.  Maple season ended after a stretch of warm weather; the sap changed from clear to opaque, signaling the tree’s anticipation of warmer weather. Ben has been busy finishing up a fencing… Continue Reading “Spring has arrived on the farm”

Maple recipes part 2: Maple granola

With the first official boil in the books, we’re now busy replenishing our maple stores for the year. We use a LOT of maple syrup and honey at our house, primarily because we don’t use artificial sweeteners. We stopped buying processed cereal years ago… Continue Reading “Maple recipes part 2: Maple granola”

What are dryer balls and why should you use them?

A question posted on the farm’s Facebook page inspired today’s post. We make and sell wool dryer balls made with fiber from our Tunis sheep. Our chemical and dye-free dryer balls are a popular item, but many people don’t know what they are! So,… Continue Reading “What are dryer balls and why should you use them?”

Maple syrup is not just for pancakes! Introducing: maple black walnut pie

We had a bumper crop of black walnuts this year. They are a flavorful addition to pancakes, cookies, and just about anything that could use a good crunch. While looking for a recipe to make over the holidays, I came across this savory pie… Continue Reading “Maple syrup is not just for pancakes! Introducing: maple black walnut pie”

Fall days: in search of tranquility

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around the farm. Despite my best intentions to chronicle and document the many dynamic projects that we have going on, it’s been hard to sit down and take the time to write. I compose all of these… Continue Reading “Fall days: in search of tranquility”

Maple Year Round

This past weekend, we attended a Maple seminar sponsored by the WV Veterans to Agriculture program and the WV Maple Syrup Producers Association. While the course was designed for the beginner in mind, there was a wide variety of interests and experience in attendance.… Continue Reading “Maple Year Round”

Adventures in natural dyeing

As summer fades to fall, things have been busy around the farm. We’ve been busy putting the garden to rest, and are now transitioning to crafts and hobbies. My hands gravitate toward wool as cooler weather becomes the norm; Ben spends more time woodworking.… Continue Reading “Adventures in natural dyeing”

Sunday Foraging

Years ago when I lived in the city, I shopped in local bulk food stores. I purchased all sorts of herbs, tinctures, and salves in the hopes of living a more holistic lifestyle. I remember my grandmother making “black”  and “tar” salves when I… Continue Reading “Sunday Foraging”

The new becomes old

We have sold products to the public in some form since 2011. Early on Saturday mornings, I would pack up a few cases of honey and set up a booth at our local farmer’s market. I met all kinds of people– young, old, healthy,… Continue Reading “The new becomes old”