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2020 Farmers Market Update

Due to changes in Kentucky State Law in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we will NOT participating at the KDMC Farmer’s Market in Ashland, Kentucky during the 2020 season. We are unable to sell soap or fiber at that venue. If you would like… Continue Reading “2020 Farmers Market Update”

VogueKnittingLive -Columbus, Etsy Shop Update

The end of October also spells the end of the Ashland/KDMC Farmer’s Market. It was such a pleasure to meet so many people interested in supporting small farmers and buying fresh health food. I look forward to seeing everyone again next June! I am… Continue Reading “VogueKnittingLive -Columbus, Etsy Shop Update”

October on the farm

It finally feels like fall. The leaves are starting to fall and after a seemingly endless summer, we finally have a bit of cooler weather. Cooler temps are much appreciated by the sheep. Breeding season is upon is, with the anticipation of lambs in… Continue Reading “October on the farm”

Late Summer 2019

Late summer on the farm is a time of transition. Since we don’t use pesticides, some of our tomatoes and sensitive summer vegetables finally start to succumb to blight and pests. Some things we succession plant, so we will continue to harvest until frost,… Continue Reading “Late Summer 2019”

Maple in July: 6 Ways to use maple this summer

Mid summer is often not the time when most people crave maple syrup! Folks are often more interested in honey, nature’s summertime sweetener. We often think of maple as a late winter treat. In our everyday experiences, maple syrup is most often relegated to… Continue Reading “Maple in July: 6 Ways to use maple this summer”

Food prices rise while package sizes shrink– do you feel inflation sneaking in?

A recent conversation about the rising cost of bacon provoked a few thoughts about the subject. Roughly 10 years ago, we purchased a popular thick cut brand of bacon for $3 per lb. Last week at the local Walmart, that same bacon was $13… Continue Reading “Food prices rise while package sizes shrink– do you feel inflation sneaking in?”

Slow wool in the fast economy

Yesterday I received a year’s work in a box. The wool sheared from our flock of Tunis sheep was shipped to the fiber mill in May. After months of anticipation, it finally arrived, along with several bags of roving. As I gently removed each… Continue Reading “Slow wool in the fast economy”

A big thank you to our customers, changes to the web store, and fall lamb.

Friends, We can’t thank you enough for your support! These last few weeks have found us vending at local events, participating in educational fairs, and readying the farm forĀ  fall/winter. Ben has been busy in the maple season, adding lines and expanding the maple… Continue Reading “A big thank you to our customers, changes to the web store, and fall lamb.”

Fall 2018 Events

We have been busy preparing for craft fairs, holiday gifts, and the upcoming maple season! Ben recently attended the West Virginia University Maple Seminar in Summersville, WV and is looking forward to increased production in the maple woods this year. Delaney has harvested many… Continue Reading “Fall 2018 Events”

The light in August

I spend a great deal of time observing. Being able to recognize subtle changes is immensely important as a farmer. Something as inauspicious as a ewe standing off to herself may indicate sickness. A brown spot on the leaf of a tomato plant may… Continue Reading “The light in August”