October on the farm

It finally feels like fall. The leaves are starting to fall and after a seemingly endless summer, we finally have a bit of cooler weather. Cooler temps are much appreciated by the sheep. Breeding season is upon is, with the anticipation of lambs in late winter.


Ben has been busy preparing the farm for winter. Checking on the bees to ensure they have enough stores to get through the winter, moving the cows to fresh pasture, gathering and spitting firewood, and preparing for maple season take up his time these days.


In addition to preparing for and participating in the weekly farmer’s market, Tarheelbilly Farm has participated in a few vendor and farm events. Recently, we were featured in the local newspaper, the Ironton Tribune, highlighting our efforts as a pesticide free farm. Ben was interviewed by a local television segment, featuring his maple syrup enterprise and participation in the Lawrence County Farm Bureau’s Bringing the Farm to You initiative. Teaching others how to tap their backyard maple trees and keeping bees are subjects near and dear to Ben. Many families were excited to learn from Ben and Delaney at the event.



In other news, we have been busy building inventory for the holidays and preparing for my upcoming lectures at VogueKnittingLive in Columbus on November 2. We plan to have the Etsy store updated on Monday, November 4. Holiday ornaments, winter soaps, dryer balls, and other items will be available for sale or special order.


We are humbled by the support that our local community and internet supporters have shown us. By patronizing our business, you are directly supporting our family, and enable us to continue to preserve our rare breeds of livestock. We appreciate it!

VogueKnittingLive Columbus, OH

November 2, 2019





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